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The rack mount slide-out type fiber optic distribution enclosures perform fiber splicing, distribution, termination, patching, storage and management in one unit. They support both crossconnect and inter connect architecture, and provide interfaces between outside plant cables and transmission equipment.

Each distribution enclosure incorporates a slide-out drawer to allow full frontal access and operation. The slide-out drawer has universal adapter plug-ins on the patch panel and has splice tray(s) behind the patch panel.

Additional splice trays can be stacked on top to increase capacity. Each splice tray can accommodate up to 24 single fiber splice protection sleeves (with diameter of 2.3mm) or 6 ribbon splice protection sleeves. Splice trays can be opened individually and removed from the drawer. Excess length of cables/pigtails is stored in reels behind the patch panel. The distribution enclosures employ fiber guide mechanism at specific points of the fiber patch providing fiber bend control. Horizontal cable guide is also incorporated at on the front of the patch panel of each distribution enclosure to allow the horizontal routing of patch cords. The horizontal cable guide is removable and position adjustable. The outside-plant cable input ports are located at the rear of the side panels. The fiber distribution enclosures are rack mountable in standard 19" or ETSI (515mm) equipment rack, and are available in Rack Units of 1 or 2.

. Complied with 19" cabinet
. Drawer type of compartment
. Easy patch cord management
. Easy to installation.


. Interconnects
. Cross-connects
. Independent service providing
. CATV networks
. Main distributions
. Intermediate distributions


. Provides excellent access for termination of optical fibers,
Internal fiber routing and patch cord management.
. Unlimited access for cable entry, excellent for use with
pre-terminated cables.

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