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Netx Presenting a wide series of High-Performance Optical Fiber Cable Blowing Equipment and accessories Such as OFC Blowing Machine, Optical Fiber Cable Blowing Machine, Fiber Optic Cable
Blowing Machine, OFC Blowing, Cable Blowing, Cable U Seal, Pushfit couplers, Aluminum Split couplers, Y Couplers, PLB Ducts, END Caps and more.


. Machine weighs only 35 kgs , it is very easy to shift from one work point to other point easily
. Since operation of equipment controls only two levers , no dedicated operator required
. Semi skilled person can learn and operate the machine
. No cumbersome connections and power pack, fuel arrangements required.
. Predetermined cable rollers to fit cable diameter ensures no damage to the cable at an abnormal blowing conditions or sudden block of cable.

Technical Information

. The Equipment is made up of all aluminium alloy metal.
. High torque high R P M pneumatic power drive system fitted to run the cable push rollers.
. Pneumatic power drive system consumes air 4 cfm at 7.5 Kg bar pressure.
. Equipment weighs 36 Kgs and physical die mentions : Length : 750 mm , Width : 400 mm and height : 400 mm.
. Separate FRLS attachment provided with stand to feed moist free , lubricated air to pneumatic power drive system.
. The equipment can blow O F Cable at an velocity 90 meters per minute at normal & good ducting conditions.
. Machine can blow O f Cable of size 10 mm dia to20 mm dia of any configuration armoured or unarmoured.
Aluminum split couplers

The Aluminum Split Couplers used with Optical Fibre blowing operations to connect the underground laid OFC duct to couple with cable blowing machine at ground level or at convenient locations ,or at when the regular coupling joints may burst during the course of blowing , These are made of high grade aluminum alloy and can withstand fungus attacks and corrosion free, its typical design. Very simple to fix and remove at trench depths or man holes and does not require any special tool. Comes in size 40 mm X 40 mm , 50mmX50mm, 32mmX32mm also 40mmX32mm, 40mmX50mm, 50mmX32mm.

DITA ( Duct Integrity Test Apparatus)
. Duct Integrity Test apparatus can be conveniently used for testing of various parameters like duct alignment , air tightness test, shuttle test and also useful for cleaning before installations of O F C in Plb/ silicore ducts of various diameter 32mm,40mm and 50mm with safer environment.
. Can Blow rope inside the duct to enable manual pulling of OFC for shorter distance and emergencies . (Available On Demand)

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