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Warranty Obligations and Process

NETX warrants that Permanent links and Channels characteristics shall meet ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C, ISO/IEC 11801 -2008, Ed 2.1 + Amd. 1 + Amd. 2 standard requirements, and shall correspond the prescribed limits of attenuation in line at testing for a period of 25 years.

Under the warranty, NETX, at its discretion, may either replace or repair the defective components.
Channel warranty
This warranty covers the channel link of the network. The OMS Channel Warranty will cover all components of the channel, which include telecommunications outlet, horizontal cabling, patch panels, patch cords and the equipment cords. Under this warren there is option to include NETX cables together with connectivity hardware from vendors who are UL or ITS/ETL listed.

Permanent link warranty

This warranty covers the Permanent Link of the network, which includes the cable and connecting hardware. This warranty does not cover other elements of the channel, such as patch cords, equipment cords and faceplates etc.


In order for a structured cabling system to be designated ‘ Certified ' by Netx it must meet the criteria:

  1. All data channels consist entirely of Netx connectivity components and Netx approved cable (if other vendor componets are used prior approval should be taken)
  2. All of the Netx components used in the data channel use have been supplied through an authorized  Netx distributer;
  3. All components used in the data channel comply with and have been installed in accordance with all applicable TIA/EIA-568 Specifications;
  4. The data channels has been installed by a Certified installer.


  • Netx will pay responsible ground fright to ship its product to the installation site provided that failure is due to a Netx component that is under warranty. Any fright/expedite charges will be the responsibility of the installer until any product is in, the exclusive opinion of Netx determined to be warrantable.
  • Netx will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages or loss of business.
  • Netx will not be hailed liable for failures resulting from abuse, on-conforming usage, vandalism external EMI, fire flood or acts of God.
  • Site owner shall grant Netx or its designee reasonable access to a  inspect test and repair any data channel during the  warranty period ;
  • This warranty is to the end user only and is not transferable without the written consent of the Netx.
  • This warranty is void if material adds moves or changes are made without the written consent by Netx.
Application for 25-year performance warranty

To receive a 25-year warranty, Netx requires that a Certified integrator  submits to Netx:
  1. This application with all supporting documentation within 30-days initial  systems power-up;
  2. Copies of original invoices showing purchase of Netx approved cable used on the job;
  3. Copies of original invoices showing purchase of Netx approved cable used on the job;
  4. One set of ‘as built’ prints;
  5. The name and address of the end user (for purpose of the warranty document);
  6. Complete, clearly  identifiable test data (in original electronic format);
  7. A written statement from an authorized Smart Link® certified installer declaring that the systems meets all applicable TIA/EIA-568 specifications and the test data is true and accurate.(see statement below.)
  8. Copy of a valid contractor’s license from the applicable listing agency;
  9. Copy from contractor’s insurance bond;

Within 15 days of Netx receiving the above mentioned, documents, Netx will provide to the end user  a non transferable Certificate of 25-years Warranty, which will provide evidence of Netx commitment to warranty the system per the conditions and limitations stated in the smart Link ® warranty terms.

Declaration of Compliance (Click here to download)

Cabling System Audit

Prior to approval of a warranty, NETX reserves the right to audit the Customer’s cabling system, and in case of violation of the design or installation standards to refuse a certified installer in warranty approval.

In case of a warranty event, NETX has the right to audit the Customer’s cabling system and withdraw certain components and cables for tests to identify the causes of defects.

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